The Move… (Moving to WA, in the middle of the pandemic)

We recently moved to the Greater Seattle area, we’ve been following our career and without much thinking we said yes to the next step. Of all places we landed in Kirkland WA, a beautiful, extremely overpriced, perfectly manicured suburban area. The views of Lake Washington are absolutely gorgeous, people are healthy and the flowers… oh man the flowers. If Willam Sonoma could design a city, that would be Kirkland WA. This place is great, but like most stories, it has two very different sides, one side feels like you should be sipping Chardonnay all day in your backyard, surrounded by flowers, green grass, and a spectacular view of the Lake and the city. This side, would probably set you back 2.8M dollars. The other side is a bit different, tech PMs with a bag of broken dreams stacked on top of each other, cramped in one bedroom dark dungeons that reminds us why people like Kurt Cobain could kill themselves in a place like this. That is our side, the good news, this side would set you back only 3K per month.

Gold Bar, Washington

Big part of my live I’ve spent it outdoors. Either at home in Vina del Mar, Chile hoping around waves, in Portillo Chile, skiing around big mountains, hiking, swimming and once again skiing beautiful Lake Tahoe. Being outside makes me happy, feeling the sun on my face, breathing fresh air, the smell of the sage, plants, flowers, even cow poop, makes me go back to those young days where I use to roll around in dirt, not thinking about where the next paycheck will come from. Being outside, makes me forget about bills, debt, mortgage, and day to day stress. Reminds me that the reason we are here is for learning new things and why not, just enjoying life.

And then the COVID19 thing happened, we moved here exactly 2 months ago, the day where they decided to lock-down Washington. We planned to have this little apartment as a hub, to come in and out. Now, we are stuck in here and clouds over my head have been getting quite dark, I’ve never though much about mental health, but the days we’ve been here have been making me think about how important it is, and why we should prioritize it.

Then, we went outside. Clouds lifted immediately, fresh air in my lungs, smile on my face. We have decided to do #1hikeaweek and document it on Instagram, to discover Washington and stay sane, stay with us through this journey of selfawareness, evaluation, outdoors and overall health.


the writing ape.

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