“Print is dead” but is it really?

There is a scene in Ghost Busters, where Egon Spengler (the smart one) says: “Print is dead.” Like Egon, I do not like printing either. For a long time I refused to print flyers for our association, I personally think is a waste of paper and I really like trees, way more than a stack of printed flyers.

First was paper, then pictures, then blogs, then info graphics, podcasts, online presentations… now? Where do we go! It is hard to stay on top of the wave, as soon as we think we have found something new, it is just a matter of time until it becomes the normal rule. I think in order to have a successful marketing platform; it is not only necessary to evolve, but also to commoditize some basic tools as the same time we experiment with the new ones. Even thought we might not like it, we need a Facebook page; we need Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, why? Because not having them is like not having an office phone on the 90’s. It is important to understand that, those platforms are the base to establish presence.

7827785878_34859830a8_zBut when we evolve, what happens to the old resources like paper, when do we role it out? How long do we wait to take it out of out budget? I learned by running few surveys that people still like printed material, so on my marketing budget I still consider some money for printing. (Even though I hate it)

What do you think; do you think that paper is dead? How long do we have to wait to rule a resource out?


Thanks for reading and please leave your opinion below!

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