Creative Team: TEDx University of Nevada, Reno 2015

TED is a worldwide non-profit organization with the single goal of spreading great ideas. We, as a community are so lucky to have Dr. Bret Simmons, who had the dream to bring this event to the University of Nevada, Reno. Two years ago he stepped up and successfully brought the event to our community.


I have always been a fan of TED talks, I think in an era of changes and individual empowerment, we have the unique opportunity to hear ideas from everywhere in the world. TED transports me to the Renaissance, where people would gather to share ideas and knowledge as there were climbing out of the Dark Ages. TED is not only a little video that you watch in YouTube, TED is an experience, and TED is a way of life. At the University of Nevada, we have successfully hosted two beautiful events for the past two years, being Logan Laplante our biggest star.

As the event grows bigger, we decided to really step it up.  We know that art is very important to the human soul and especially to our community, and since Reno is characterized of being one of the most creative communities. We decided to develop the first TEDx University of Nevada Creative Team.

That is why, I would like to extend an invitation to all art students, creative, and artists that would be interested in participating on the creative team for the TEDx University of Nevada 2015. The creative team will be in charge of delivering beautiful designs for all the printed material and the exciting development of a unique stage for this great event. The bar is set high, TED is no joke, but with passion, creativity and the support of our community I believe that we can achieve something great.


This is a great opportunity of participating in a life changing experience, to set your mind free, and have worldwide exposure of your creative work.

If you would like to participate, please feel free to fill up this form, or email Ricardo Saldivar (Marketing Coordinator Graduate Student Association)


Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you.


Best regards




TED Stage Design 

TED Feature Image

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