The evolution of online tools: Powtoon

There has been an evolution of the tools that we constantly use to attract our customers. The evolution of the e-marketing tools moves at a fast pace, and is really hard to stay on front. As we experiment with new tools, they quickly become the norm, demanding us for more and more creativity.

In the past I made reviews for info graphic tools, but to be honest, those are slowly moving away, the information presented on those graphics have to be so relevant, other wise is a fishing game.

As all the e-tools quickly evolve, we need to keep working to stay on front. I always found very attractive the videos that you can find online explaining products and services. I thought that would be really hard do make those, but I was lucky to find Powtoon.

Powtoon is an online service that helps you create this amazing little animated presentations. They come with a pre loaded song, so it’s more fun, you can also add your voice on top. I do not have a great voice and a terrible accent, so I made mine without it hehe.

Anyway, the interface is really intuitive, making it extremity attractive. The final videos are quite nice; I am going to leave you with one that I made in no more than 15 minutes. The free option allows you to create as many powtoons as you want, the only problem is that you can’t download them, if you pay the subscription then the videos are add free and downloadable in HD quality. The subscription is expensive, so if you don’t have much budget, I highly recommend building some free ones, the quality of the product it is still amazing.


Have you used Powtoon yet?




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