Forms: Need to submit a doc too? Jot Form

At the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the University of Nevada, Reno we offer many services like scholarships, club support, and social events. Until now, we processed all our applications by hand, since we are a student run organization; we have to be really careful with our budget. But as you could imagine, that process was slow and painful. That is the reason why we really needed a change.

I love all Google products, but sadly I encountered a huge problem, when I was trying to integrate them to our form system for GSA, I realized that Google forms doesn’t allow to upload supporting documentation, so I was stuck in a big dilemma… Even though I found a way where, you can upload your doc and add a URL to the Google Form it wasn’t exactly what we needed. So, a little frustrated I did a little research and I found Jot Form. Jot Form offer an easy way to build up beautiful forms that you can integrate to your Dropbox. The forms are saved on a folder with a PDF with the info of the submitter.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.55.36 PM

Everything perfectly organized in folders ready to share

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.55.13 PM

Jot Form is incredibly cheap, it allows you up to 100 free submissions per month, but if you need more, you can buy 10Gb of storage and 1,000 submissions for 9.99 dollars a month.

Amazingly cheap for what it is.

Great job JotForm!


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