Business Lessons from Breaking Bad.

I remember the first time I watched Breaking Bad, I was immediately hooked. Starts with an old van going full speed in the middle of the desert, the guy driving is desperate. He is wearing only his underwear and a full Chemical mask. There is a young man sitting on the copilot seat, he is passed out. In the back you can hear sirens, the driver speeds up. As the minivan is rushing through the middle of the desert, there is a loud noise that comes from the back of the van, there is two dead bodies rolling on the back of the van. Walter White, a dying Chemistry teacher, becomes a successful drug lord. This post is not about a review about the TV Series. But after watching the series over and over, it got me thinking: What are the things that made his business successful? What are the biz lessons that we can get from Heisenberg? (Walter’s alter-ego)


  1. Its all about the team: Walter created a strong team, he bumped into Jessie, who had inside knowledge of the heart of the business. He trusted him and cared for him. Two different backgrounds which complemented each other perfectly. Pick a good team.
  2. Have a plan: No matter what the two of them did, Walter always had a plan, plan your moves. Work on your business plan.
  3. Be professional: No matter what type of business you are into, always be professional. Act professional.
  4. Be passionate: You need to care about your business, care about your idea, love your company and feel passionate about it. Do not be indifferent.
  5. Get dirty: You going to have to get dirty. You will have to do things that you don’t like in order to get things done. Not because you are the boss, life will be easier. When the situation call for it, you will have to get dirty.

People think that is all about the idea, I believe that business are successful because of their core, their planning, and strong business fundamentals. It is not only about the idea, it is about responsibly applied business concepts.

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