WordPress: The Oxygen Theme

I read at Ginny Soskey’s blog about the blink test. The blink test says that you have no more than 5 seconds (the time between blinks) to make your online material attractive to a visitor. For example, when someone opens my site, in no more than 5 seconds, the visitors have to be able to get an idea of why they are here, and what my blog is about.

Having this in mind, we can make some quick changes to our blog to make it more effective. Something I highly recommend is to add an about me tab, where the visitor can read who are you and what is your reason to blog.

Anyway, when restructuring my blog, I wanted to have a theme where the visitor could submerge on my site and never leave. (That was the idea at least.) To do that I needed a cool theme to catch the attention of the readers. Since this blog is all about taking advantage of the free stuff from the internet, I decided to go with a free template from WordPress.

After looking through a bunch of them, I came across the Oxygen Theme. This theme is absolutely free and doesn’t require any coding skills; it is slick, original, and absolutely beautiful. The only problem is that sometimes does weird things (like blinking) on Internet Explorer, but who cares about Explorer anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 2.01.09 PM

So if you would like to use it, just go to wordpress.com, select the free template Oxygen, and off you go. I know, when you install it, doesn’t look like mine straight away. In order to do so, you gonna have to do some work. First of all, you need to make sure that the picture that you use on the feature image of your posts is at least 700px wide. This is very important to set up the roll. If you don’t do this, your blog roll will not work. After you’ve done that, go to the Oxygen set up page and follow the instructions, step by step.

It is really simple and it will make your blog look like a pro. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I can help you.

Also feel free to follow my blog.

Thanks for reading!





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