The 3C’s of Marketing

Few weeks ago, venture capitalist Harvey Miller a graduate from UC Berkeley came to speak to our MBA class. Harvey has over 25 years of marketing, advertising, and sales experience from varied organizations including 3M, Harrah’s Hotel and Casino and small emerging companies. That was the first time I heard of the 3C’s of marketing, an interesting model that challenge the classic approach of the marketing mix. This approach developed by business and corporate strategist Kenichi Ohmae, gives us a whole new perspective on how to market. He says that if we want to succeed we need to focus on clearly defining: Company, Competition and the Customer.


  1. Company: 
    1. Diferentiation: What is unique about your company? , what makes your company different from the others? They also say that if you have a hard time explaining why you are different, that means that you might not be unique.
    2. Do your employees understand the company’s goal?: Are they on board with you?
    3. Are your employees empowered? Do they have the power to give solutions to clients on the spot? Remember your employees know your clients better than you do.
  2. Competition:
    1. Do you really understand your competitors? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses?
    2. How your company differentiates from your competition?
    3. What are the threats from your competition?
  3. Customer:
    1. Who’s your customer? Clearly define your target market.
    2. What is their level of loyalty?
    3. How did you obtain your customer?
    4. How do you identify more of these customers? Can you get more on the same way?
    5. Price vs Quality Loyalty. Are they loyal to your quality? or your price? remember price customers are less loyal.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this info useful, remember you can fully apply this concepts to your E-Marketing platform. Good luck! and please feel free to comment!


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