Social Media 101

When I started working as a Marketing Coordinator, one of my responsibilities was to manage the company’s social media. At the time I only had experience running my personal social media, but in a few months I was able to grow the Facebook fan base  from 200 to almost 1,000 followers. How did I do that? By following some simple rules that I learned along the way.

  1. Be constant: No matter what, do not miss posts.
  2. Respect the Social Media post frequency: Too much equals spam, too little equals absence.
    1. Twitter: At least 3 times per day
    2. Facebook: Once a day
    3. Google+: Just like Facebook, you can use Hootsuite to schedule posts.
  3. Respect the Social Media cultural code:
    1. Facebook: It is a social tool, post social events and promote social interactions.
    2. Twitter: It is a time-sensitive informational tool. Use # to join conversations and @ to communicate with influential users.
    3. Google+: Social tool, the “hipster Facebook”, with a more technology savvy crowd. Not very popular but good for Search Engine Optimization. 
  4. Add value: Develop your own content: fliers, pictures and videos. Be informational and relevant. Do not feel afraid to share knowledge
  5. Timing: Post Monday through Friday, between 8:30am and 8:30pm
  6. Add pictures: Attract attention of the attention of the reader and increase the space used on the users newsfeed.
  7. Add Links: Link up to related and explanatory content. Send Twitter signals using @
  8. Do not self promote: Promoting the work of others will attract more traffic than self promoting.
  9. Be responsive: Answer questions, be kind and develop relationships.


I hope you find these simple rules as useful as I did.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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