Do not solve if u r a genious!: LinkedIn

I am a pretty laid back person, but one thing that absolutely get to my nerve is spam. I have actually un-friended people for sending me invitations to play candy crush or the whole farm paraphernalia. When it comes to Facebook, I think is OK (up to a certain point), but lately it’s been getting out of hands. Examples like: “10 things that emotionally stable people do” (which BTW the first one should be “They don’t share crap”) or “Solve If you are a genius” which some how made it to LinkedIn, are filling up our news-feeds! Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.54.01 PMLinkedIn is an amazing platform for businesses to scout talent and for professionals to showcase their value. On LinkedIn, doesn’t matter if we are a biz or a person, we have to act like professionals. Things that we should DO are:

  • Include a professional picture: Try to keep it related to your field. Yeah, that picture with your puppy is probably adorable, but wouldn’t look great for the finance world. Right?
  • Beef up your profile: LinkedIn is a place where your relevant experience lives. Remember, the profile is public! Make sure the info you are posting, is what you want the other person to know about you.
  • Populate your LinkedIn with keywords: Google use to provide them for free to improve your SEO, but now they sell them at Adwords, the closest you can get is Google Correlate, which will show you correlated words by Google search, worth to take a look. Worst case scenario, just open a job that you like and use their keywords, done.

Things that we DON’T want to do are:

  • Spam: Do not add pictures and ask for answers, and obviously do not answer stupid questions.
  • Use a silly picture: Imagine the picture you are using like a picture in your resume. (Legal in other countries)
  • And the most important, DO NOT Treat Linkedin like it was Faceboook.

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Ricardo Saldivar

7 thoughts on “Do not solve if u r a genious!: LinkedIn

  1. I could not agree with you more Ricardo. The spam thing is getting out of control. What are the people thinking that are sending this nonsense? I think some of the spam has to do with hacked accounts.

    As for Linkedin, I have listed as being director of WR international which is a business I made up during undergrad. Is this wrong of me to keep as my current occupation since I gave myself this title? Are other people doing this on Linkedin?


    1. I was afraid that people would take my barking in a wrong way, so I am very glad you liked it!
      About the title, if you “made up” the company, and it actually doesn’t exist, I would think twice having the title listed there. I know for a fact that some companies ask you about your linked in profile at job interviews, they like to corroborate information.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Good luck with the apples!


  2. Ricardo –
    I completely agree with you! As our guest speaker emphasized in class last night, no one wants to waste their time. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that has no room for spam or other junk. I refer to the LinkedIn articles when I am looking for relevant information in a professional environment. I’m with you on this one! Thanks for speaking out!
    Cheryl J. Lake


  3. Makes sense to me, Ricardo 🙂 Not guilty of the crimes stipulated but I’m going to have to get to grips with keywords one of these days. I’ve quite successfully given them the slip so far.
    Many thanks for the follow 🙂


    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked my “day of fury” post haha. Keywords are important, they will definitely add strength your profile by making it more searchable.
      Thanks for the likes and
      “read you soon” 🙂


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