Online Collaboration: Google Apps

So, yesterday I was telling my good friend that I wanted to buy an iPad. She said: “Well, I do have one and I really like it, but I don’t think is that functional. There is no MS Office so I can’t really use it for work.” She had a very valid point. Even though I absolutely love Apple products for helping me express my creativity, the Apple productivity software has become unexplored, to say the least.

That is where Google Apps come to rescue. Google has created a fully cloud hosted, functional, and collaborative productive system. The great news is that is absolutely free for regular Gmail users and $5 per account manager or $50 a year Small Biz Upgrades. The Business version has the same base, but includes full access to Google Analytics (to track flow and define traffic on your website) more storage capacity (30GB compare to 7 of the free version), and an option to a vault with archiving, e-discovery and information governance capabilities. I have talked to many people, and they are still not very familiar even with the free version of Google Drive and Google Apps. Let me tell you, it changed my life.


Google Apps offers all that you need in one place. You sign up with your Gmail account and the tools are all integrated inside the Google Drive. You can create Word, Excel and Powerpoint Docs, export them to Pdf’s and share them with the world. One of the tools that I really like is the comment function, just like Word (but in a simpler way) you can insert comments in your docs. If you are working with your team, anybody who had granted access can go and resolve the comments. Another great tool is the side chat, just like the Google hang-outs, which shows you who is online and where exactly in the document they are working, all in real time.

The coolest function is that it is available in apps for your iPad, iPhone and Android. Google Apps turns your dumb gadgets into powerful productive tools solving the iPad dilemma! Everything is automatically updated, so you have access to everything everywhere. And one last thing, there is no “Save” button, so you will never lose a change again.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.13.47 PM

It is absolutely wonderful. Please take a minute and try the free version. It will change your world.

Thanks for reading, and remember, please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Ha! Satya Nadella CEO of MS just announced (2h ago) Office for iPad. Let’s see what happens.




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