No Soup for you!: Survey Monkey

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the “The Soup Nazi.” It is about a chef that makes the best soup in Manhattan. His soup is so delicious that it would make your legs shake! But, he didn’t get his nickname for his kindness. If you want to taste his soup, you have to stand in line and order exactly the way he wants, otherwise “No soup for you!” Elaine, somehow gets  the handle of the recipe of the soup and then is game over for the Nazi.

As we discussed on “A the tree falls in the forest” nowadays we can’t just rely on the perceived quality of our product. Building relationships with your customers is key. As we know from our personal life, in order to build a substantial relationships,  we need to listen and be responsive. As human relationships, customer relationships take time and energy. It is important to hear what our customers have to say. As we try to position with our products, we need to listen to our customers and be reactive and responsive with our products or services. There are many ways to get feedback from customers. We can use focus groups, intensive client accounts investigations, or simply run few surveys.


One of the easiest and fastest ways to run a survey is to use an online survey provider. Survey Monkey is super easy to use, straight forward, free and with a great interface. The website generates a link that you can embed into your website or social media, a great way to get feedback. Just make sure that you offer a reward for answering the survey. Freebies are awesome. Remember that is a hassle to answer surveys, so keep it short.

Finally be responsive, be kind, grateful and make sure that you can adapt your product or service to your clients needs. Not because you think is good, it is good for your customers. Don’t be like the Soup Nazi.

Thank you very much for reading. Have you used Survey Monkey?

Please comment below.



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