Build your own basic website:

Oh…building a website… that nightmare. Do I know anybody who can do this?… Am I going to get ripped off? Maybe I should learn how to code… Does this guy really know what he is doing? These are few of the questions that came to my head the first time I had to build a site for my first small business back in Chile. I was lucky, someone in my family actually worked designing websites, so he hooked me up really good with a great looking site. Most of the time, we are not that lucky, so we need to do tons of research on who we are going to hire and do research on their previous designs. To be honest this could be really time consuming and boring.

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Nowadays, websites are absolutely a must, people expect them. The website is the equivalent to your office, but online. Doesn’t matter if you are a great lawyer, or a dentist. If you office is dark, ugly and smelly, your credibility as a professional is going to be affected. So we not only need a website, but we need a good looking one. We have been surfing the web for a long time, so we know without being experts, which one is an appealing and which one is not. That is the reason why I believe that we are the ones who have the best idea of the message that we want to send to our customers.

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Surfing the web I found Wix it is a powerful web designing tool, that can help you create beautiful simple websites in minutes. I used Wix to create one for my good friend and his Rolfing business. Without using any coding skills, I was able to design a beautiful simple site to put all his information online. Wix allows you to buy your domain and maintain your site on HTML5 hosted under their system. In order to have your own domain (which I highly recommend), create the site and have it hosted by them, is around $100 per year. It also has interesting features to help you monitor performance with Google Analytics, create ads, and integrate Google Apps for small businesses in one place.


You can use the free online version, but it will add a to the end of your URL. You can always use it as a beta testing site, while working on it and pay when you are ready to launch. As with all tools that I have reviewed, Wix has a super simple and intuitive, interface and tons of templates where you can choose your site from. One thing I do recommend is to use high quality pictures; do not make your site look cheap.


Thanks for reading. What do you think about this tool? Please leave a comment below,



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