Kickstart your Listserv: LaunchRock

So have I found myself few times in this “How I Met Your Mother” type of situation. Im out at a bar having a good time with my friends, I look to my side and at the end of the bar there is this gorgeous girl. I am having my beer while trying to act cool… I talk a little to my friends and the game continues. Everything is going smooth, she looks back, she smiles, I feel great. Maybe now I am thinking of making a move, say hi or whatever. But what should I say? Maybe a joke? But which one? You look again, she looks back, is going great. I keep thinking,  sadly “Barney Stinson” is not here to help me out (thanks God). I feel overwhelmed so I decide to take a bathroom break. I come back… and she is gone.  Just like that, I missed my opportunity. The only thing I know is that Barney would be pissed.

ted and barney

Finding your first customers, it is just like a dating game. You can’t just “flirt” at the bar with them, you need to be able to get that “phone number”. In the business world, that phone number is their email. We can’t afford to just present our product, we have to get their information so we can follow up. It is important to be able to connect and maintain your client base informed. Creating strong relationships will pay off in the future. So how do we do that? Easy, the answer is Launchrock.


Launchrock is a really simple to use launch page building tool. It takes about 5-10mins to set and launch. You don’t need hosting and is pretty self explanatory. The beauty is that you can create an invitation with a call of action inviting users to subscribe to your LISTSERV. Currently I have two open launch pages, one for our entrepreneur adventure happening and the other for our Nevada Business Connection Club.


The cool part lays in the back. Here you can see how many people signs up, the shares and the most responsive platforms. Launchrock gives you the opportunity to export a CSV lists that you can use on CRM that I will be reviewing in the future. It is definitely a powerful tool.

launchrock emails

Have you launch your land page yet? What are you waiting for? It’s free! Thanks for reading, if you need help please leave your comments below.



Photo Credit “How I Met Your Mother
Photo Credit Launchrock

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