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Last night I showed up to my MBA class. I had been working on a report earlier that I had to turn in by 7pm. I did it in Word 365, printed it and had it on my desk ready to go. I left the office and as I sat down in class, I remembered… $#% I forgot the report! I totally forgot to put it in my bag. But it was ok, because I use OneDrive. 
is the new online integrating platform for online client services of Microsoft. OneDrive offers  27GB of online storage for paid users and 7GB for free users. If you upgrade today they will give you 100GB extra!!! yeah 100!!! Holy Monkeys! The platform is really easy to use and has a very friendly interface that allows us to create and move documents around in a quick way.

In order to start using OneDrive, you need to open a MS account. To do so, just follow some simple steps on the sign up page. The cool thing is that we can use our existing email to open an account at OneDrive; we don’t need to create another email.

One Drive

As you can see, my user (that I purposely erased) is stored at my sweet LastPass account. Once we have created the account, then we can have access to the  OneDrive Dashboard, it is very straight forward and easy to use. You can drag documents in and out from your computer and organize them in folders. One of the cool features is the integration with your MS Office 365. In one simple step, you can “share”, which means upload your documents to the drive. After you have them online, you can send them through email for online collaboration. OneDrive also has a phone app where you can see all your documents and manage them from your phone. This app also gives you the option to automatically back up all the pictures that you take day by day and store them in the cloud.


Share doc Ricardo Saldivar

Online collaboration it is very important these days. As telecommuting is more and more popular, online tools like OneDrive become more and more trendy. We need to know that this is a basic and cheap collaboration tool. As our business gets bigger and bigger, we probably would like to look into a more solid server applications like MS Lync Server or MS Sharepoint Server. These are way more powerful tools, but more expensive as well. Since we are just starting with our lil biz, OneDrive offers all the necessary secure tools for our basic communication needs.
Do you use OneDrive? Please let me know if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.


Ricardo Saldivar

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