SEO: Making Progress!

So…I decided to Bing myself.I was surprised! My search was so good! It even displayed my linked in professional profile on the side. So good! let me show you:

Ricardo Saldivar Bing

As you know by now, the reason why started this blog was to publish positive information about myself on the web, so I could take down some of the bad guys that were floating around with my name on the cyberspace.

Nederlands: Linked In icon

The tools that I have been using are my Blog and LinkedIn. Apparently the search engines like the traffic that LinkedIn generates. My first goal was to reach 500 friends or contacts, after that everything is easier, Linked in gives you respect and somehow your link start moving up on the Google searches.

The hardest part was to get to 500, you probably might think, I don’t have  500 professional contacts, but if you think twice, you actually do.

I remember going to a little Linkedin seminar here at University of Nevada, Reno. Alice Heimnan encouraged us then to add all our friends from school, high school, pre school, family and everybody that you know. She said that if you actually contact all the people that you have known for the last 15 years you can easily reach 500 friends.

After reaching the 500 connections you will see how your linked in sky rockets on the search, almost automatically.

After that, I decided to put effort and money on my blog, a you might know, this blog is not the most popular or well written in the planet, actually I have to agree that is very poor, but oh well, it is my blog and English is my second language, so please don’t be surprised.

Anyway, I decided to buy the domain name, I registered my name for like 24 dollars for 2 years, that really made a difference, after registering my name, my blog got attached to my name and slowly the search engine started pulling pictures from my blog and display them a little higher on the search.

It has been a long road, but I am very happy with the results, in couple of months I was able to clean my name and populate the top search of couple of search engines with positive material. I still believe that positive content, is more important that no content and if we compare it to the starting point, I have to say that I am very satisfied with the progress.

Ricardo Saldivar

Thank you for reading,

Ricardo Saldivar

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