3 steps to manage your Facebook content

So back to our online reputation management, the first thing I did when I started this project was to adjust my Facebook content. Probably one of the most famous Social Media platforms FB could be your best friend or your worst nightmare, that is the reason why we need to go there ASAP and adjust our privacy settings. There is a number of people that have got in trouble, that could have been avoided just by being a little more careful, or just ask Ashley Payne a teacher who lost her job for posting several pictures on Facebook holding drinks. Let’s face it, we all love having a good time (me more than anybody) but you need to be careful of what we put out there.

Step 1: Be aware

First of all you need to be aware that what you are posting, is really easy to grab your phone and start uploading “fun” pictures from a wild night, but sometimes we just need to get use to not to do that. Remember, the content by defect is public, so why to temp destiny and get in trouble?

Step 2: Make sure that you won’t regret a post or comment

Before clicking enter, make sure you think twice about what you are posting, by personal experience, when I caught an ex-girlfriend on dark roads, I called it on Facebook. Stupid move, the next morning I had probably a hundred comments and people still asks me about it few years after, I learned the lesson the hard way.

Step 3: Adjust your privacy settings

Facebook is constantly changing their privacy settings and turning the public profile by default, they want your content out there, so it is necessary that you check your privacy settings periodically. I highly recommend to activate the timeline review, so you can review the pictures that you are tagged before they go public. Another useful tool is the how other people see my timeline, both tools available on the privacy shortcut lock icon next to your name.

Ricardo Saldivar: FB Privacy Settings

Finally is really important to understand that Facebook is a social tool, so it’s ok to have post that reflect your social personality, you don’t have to go all serious on it, that is what linked in is for, just make sure that there is nothing that can get you in trouble there.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Useful links

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