A Chilean in Tahoe, how the journey started.

“Life happens while you’re busy making other plans, but he also said I am the walrus” This is one of my favorite quotes from The UK Office, and that is something I lived by for a long time, not planning too much, just doing while enjoying life.

I wasn’t a free spirit from the beginning, I was an Engineer, but everything changed that cold Chilean winter night in 2001. While having some beers with my friend (because non any good story started with someone eating a salad). My good friend Robert asked me: Would you like to go US for the Chilean Summer? I always wanted to go, but I was just coming back from an Internship in Europe, and I was poor a rat, so I answer “sure, but currently I am broke, there is no way I can do that!”

He said; there is a way that you can get a visa: your Dad pays for the trip, you work for the summer and then you pay him back. That party changed my life forever.Couple days after I was on a plane to Lake Tahoe, why there? no idea, we selected it randomly, because a friend of a friend of a friend went there once and thought it was cool.

Got to LA, with 500 dollars in cash,  made some friends, we rented few cars and drove to Tahoe. We got there in the middle of the night, and I still remember the christmas lights reflecting on the white snow, like it was yesterday, It was just beautiful.


I’ve seen snow before, I lived in Latvia, but that is a whole another story. This was so different, so charming, so colorful, so pretty.

I felt  immediately in-loved with the place, I could feel it right away, that was my home, my favorite place on earth, like love at first sight.

I had a rough start, couldn’t land a job, but I tried and tried, until not only got one, but two jobs! Worked the entire season in the Arcade of a Casino (very charming) and an outdoor clothing shop.

I constantly saw people coming in and out  of the shop, very happy about spending a day skiing.I was working right under the Heavenly Gondola, without having money to go up, but I wanted to try it, and again, opportunity knocked on the door, soon my friend Robert showed up with some free tickets for Sierra at Tahoe, that’s how skiing came to my life and never left.

I always been amazed, of how crazy is that a little moment can change your life, sometimes are the little decisions that make the biggest differences.

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